Top ten reasons why men should not be ordained to the Mormon priesthood

  1. No priesthoodMen have too much to do already, being providers for their families, receiving worldly recognition, presiding at home, and running a patriarchal society. Why would they want more responsibility?
  2. Church leadership is not natural for men. Mormon doctrine teaches that priesthood
    may only be exercised “by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned” (D&C 121:41). These are feminine qualities, and therefore men are not naturally suited for this role.
  3. Men’s divine responsibility is fatherhood. Priesthood would interfere with that responsibility and take away time that could otherwise be spent fulfilling the duties of fatherhood.
  4. Men who want priesthood do not understand their divine role. When God cast Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden, he said that Adam’s role was to till the ground (Gen. 3:23). A man’s place is in the field, not in the priesthood.
  5. Men who seek to lead at church want to usurp authority and aggrandize themselves, and they are only looking for the attention and prestige that comes from church leadership.
  6. If both men and women had priesthood, there would no longer be any distinction between men and women. How would people know whom to have sex with, and which marriages to outlaw?
  7. As we all know, men cannot control themselves or act professionally around women when put in close proximity. If we only allow women to lead, we will be protecting men from temptation.
  8. Men can have a prominent role at church without having the priesthood. They can pray, and their pictures can be put at the bottom of an all-women face book of upper church hierarchy. If the presiding women think it necessary, they can request input from male auxiliary committees.
  9. The bible doesn’t say that Jesus ever presided at any church, and he was a man.
  10. Men and women may enjoy the blessings of the priesthood in full equality, because men can get those blessings from the women who preside over them.
For a list of reasons why men should not be allowed to vote, see this 1915 list by Alice Duer Miller.